[torqueusers] epilogue

Delphine Ramalingom delphine.ramalingom at univ-reunion.fr
Thu Oct 25 22:16:10 MDT 2012


I put a simply epilogue that runs after each job executes, but, the 
problem is that it runs twice and I don't know why.

There is only one script :
-rwxr-xr-x   1 root root  314 17 oct.  15:06 epilogue

and it just list args of the jobs :

echo "--------------------------"
echo "Epilogue Args:"
echo "Job ID: $1"
echo "User ID: $2"
echo "Group ID: $3"
echo "Job Name: $4"
echo "Session ID: $5"
echo "Resource List: $6"
echo "Resources Used: $7"
echo "Queue Name: $8"
echo "Account String: $9"
echo ""
echo "--------------------------"
exit 0

Can you help me please ? My torque version is 4.0.2. and The scheduler 
is maui.

Thanks o lot,

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