[torqueusers] problem with torque 4.1 (Cannot connect to default server)

Mahmood Naderan nt_mahmood at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 14 02:22:25 MDT 2012

We stuck at this point. Any tip is welcomed.


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Subject: [torqueusers] problem with torque 4.1 (Cannot connect to default server)

Dear all,

Below is our procedure to configure torque 4.1. However at the end we got an error.

1- compile and install torque
2- put the server hostname (archie) in the /var/spool/torque/server_name
3- put the server hostname in the /var/spool/torque/server_priv/nodes file. This is a shared memeory machine so the server and client are the same machine
4- run the command "pbs_server -t create" to setup the pbs_server
5- run the command "qmgr -c 'p s'" and the following error is reported

Error communicating with archie(
Cannot connect to default server host 'archie' - check pbs_server daemon and/or trqauthd.
qmgr: cannot connect to server  (errno=111) Connection refused

6- starting trqauthd does not change the state and the error is reported again on submitting qmgr -c 'p s'

Any comment is appreciated.

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