[torqueusers] [Mauiusers] Maui is not submitting jobs to torque

Alessandra Forti Alessandra.Forti at cern.ch
Fri Oct 12 11:26:37 MDT 2012

Personally I really don't need to do anything.

EMI is a public project funded by the EU that distributes software to 
hundreds of sites.
I expect they have taken care of this before putting the source code in 
equally public repositories.


On 12/10/2012 17:40, Michael Jennings wrote:
> On Friday, 12 October 2012, at 17:31:01 (+0100),
> Alessandra Forti wrote:
>>  From the adaptive computing site:
>> http://www.adaptivecomputing.com/products/open-source/maui/
>> " /The software license allows end-user organizations to freely use,
>> support, modify, and distribute the code for non-commercial
>> purposes."
> >From maui-3.3.1/LICENSE:
> 4.  Distribution
>    'End User' organizations that are academic and government agencies may
> redistribute this SOFTWARE subject to the condition that the distribution
> contains conspicuous publication of the acknowledgement statement found
> within the LICENSE agreement distributed with this SOFTWARE.
>    Organizations that are not academic and government agencies including
> commercial and other for-profit organizations may not redistribute this code
> or derivations of this code in any form whatsoever, including parts of
> SOFTWARE incorporated into other software programs without express written
> permission from Cluster Resources, Inc.
>    Redistribution of the SOFTWARE in any form whatsoever, including parts of
> the code that are incorporated into other software programs, must include a
> conspicuous and appropriate publication of the following acknowledgement:
>    'This product was developed by Cluster Resources, Inc.  Moab Scheduling
> System is a trademark of Cluster Resources, Inc.'
>    Any redistribution or modification of the SOFTWARE must, when installed,
> display the above language, the copyright notice, and the warranty
> disclaimer.
> Thus, you should check with them on the actual license terms before
> redistributing.  :-)
> HTH,
> Michael

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