[torqueusers] [Mauiusers] Maui is not submitting jobs to torque

Michael Jennings mej at lbl.gov
Fri Oct 12 10:40:26 MDT 2012

On Friday, 12 October 2012, at 17:31:01 (+0100),
Alessandra Forti wrote:

> From the adaptive computing site:
> http://www.adaptivecomputing.com/products/open-source/maui/
> " /The software license allows end-user organizations to freely use,
> support, modify, and distribute the code for non-commercial
> purposes."

>From maui-3.3.1/LICENSE:

4.  Distribution

  'End User' organizations that are academic and government agencies may 
redistribute this SOFTWARE subject to the condition that the distribution 
contains conspicuous publication of the acknowledgement statement found 
within the LICENSE agreement distributed with this SOFTWARE.

  Organizations that are not academic and government agencies including 
commercial and other for-profit organizations may not redistribute this code
or derivations of this code in any form whatsoever, including parts of 
SOFTWARE incorporated into other software programs without express written 
permission from Cluster Resources, Inc.

  Redistribution of the SOFTWARE in any form whatsoever, including parts of 
the code that are incorporated into other software programs, must include a 
conspicuous and appropriate publication of the following acknowledgement:

  'This product was developed by Cluster Resources, Inc.  Moab Scheduling
System is a trademark of Cluster Resources, Inc.'

  Any redistribution or modification of the SOFTWARE must, when installed, 
display the above language, the copyright notice, and the warranty 

Thus, you should check with them on the actual license terms before
redistributing.  :-)


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