[torqueusers] Torque/Maui/PBS & Python

Jack Wilkinson jwilkinson at stoneeagle.com
Thu Nov 29 07:52:37 MST 2012

Thank you for the reply Michel,

OK... this seems to match up with the code that we installed from yum.  

If I run the components from the batch head box, everything seems to work as expected.  But what I want to accomplish, and please feel free to tell me "it just doesn't work that way", is to be able to submit, monitor and control jobs from other systems.  

Doing the following from the head box...
from PBSQuery import PBSQuery
p = PBSQuery()
nodes = p.getnodes()

But doing it from our applications server gives:
from PBSQuery import PBSQuery
p = PBSQuery(server='srvBatchHead01')
nodes = p.getnodes()
munge: Error: Unable to access "/var/run/munge/munge.socket.2": No such file or directory

Am I reading this correctly to believe that the PBSQuery script can only be run on the head box?


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We have been using successfully from many years pbs_python from <https://oss.trac.sara.nl/pbs_python>.



--On mercredi 28 novembre 2012 23:06 +0000 Jack Wilkinson <jwilkinson at stoneeagle.com> wrote:

> There is a package that allows the Python language to submit jobs and, 
> from what I can gather, check on their status and control them.
> We are currently running torque-2.5.7-9 and maui-3.3.4.  Also running 
> Python 2.6.
> Anyone ever work with this and actually get it to work??  If so what 
> version of the pypbs package did you install & from where?

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