[torqueusers] getting the Jod ID

mauede at alice.it mauede at alice.it
Mon Nov 19 22:32:48 MST 2012

I am using a script, from a parallelized Monte Carlo code package, which submits a number of  pbs jobs.
The command is the following:
$HEN_HOUSE/scripts/run_user_code_batch  BEAM_MS_OF5x5_without-Cu-ReDo BEAM_All7CMs_BCSE_Masheed-Tim_lower_Ecutoffs 521icru2 long batch=pbs p=46
In the above case the script  "run_user_code_batch" submits 46 batch jobs. 
As a consequence 46 job Ids are printed out to stdout (screen).
I need to automatically capture those job Ids inside the scripts that submits them.
The only way that comes to my mind is to redirect the output of the script to a file and then extract the submitted job Ids from the text files.
There should be a more elegant way to do that.
Thank you in advance for any suggest ion.
Kind regards,

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