[torqueusers] Prevent users to run commands directly

Mahmood Naderan nt_mahmood at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 7 07:40:48 MST 2012

I asked a similar question before

There were some good points but I didn't implement a script. In general, to find out 

if a running process has used qsub or not, you have to track the parents of the pid. 

At the end, if you reach pbs_mom, then user has used qsub. Else he directly ran the 

application. Then you can write a cron job and check the parents running processes

every hour.


From: Pablo Guaza Peces <pabloguaza at ugr.es>
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Subject: [torqueusers] Prevent users to run commands directly

Hi Everybody!
I just got my little cluster ready for execution and I was wondering if there's a way to prevent users to execute their programs directly, and only allow them to do that through Torque with qsub command.

I guess that all the programs that are run directly form the terminal bypassing Torque, prevent it to be 'conscious' of the resources usage, is that right?

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