[torqueusers] Major Problem with pbs_server database being corrupted

David Beer dbeer at adaptivecomputing.com
Mon Nov 5 12:14:26 MST 2012


Thanks for pointing that out. I am also wondering what the 'hostnames with
dashes' problem is in 4.1.3. If anyone knows of the details of this issue,
please create a bugzilla issue with the appropriate details so that we can
resolve this.



On Mon, Nov 5, 2012 at 11:14 AM, Ezell, Matthew A. <ezellma at ornl.gov> wrote:

> On 11/3/12 7:29 PM, "Mike Dacre" <mike.dacre at gmail.com> wrote:
> >John,
> >Thanks for that.  Unfortunately, that probably means I need to move back
> >to version 3, since I can't use 4.1.  Does anyone have any idea if the
> >hyphen-in-hostname problem is going to be fixed any time soon in 4.1?
> 4.1.2 definitely had problems with hostnames with dashes, but some fixes
> went into 4.1.3.  I'm running 5 pbs_servers (4.1.3) on hosts that have
> dashes in them without any problems.  Some other users have reported that
> issues persist in 4.1.3, but it works fine here.  I would recommend trying
> 4.1.3 before reverting to 3.x.
> Next time you see this serverdb corruption, save off a copy of the
> "broken" serverdb file.  That might help find the source of the problem.
> ~Matt
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