[torqueusers] how to browse the stdout and stderr files of a running batch job

Gareth.Williams at csiro.au Gareth.Williams at csiro.au
Sun Nov 4 16:46:50 MST 2012

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> Subject: [torqueusers] how to browse the stdout and stderr files of a running batch job

> I submit long Monte Carlo simulations to the PBS scheduler. I redirect each simulation stdout and stderr to a uniquely named file. Unluckily, as far as I know, PBS does not allow me to peep at such a file before the simulation is finished, whether it has completed OK or has aborted. 
Some super-computer centers have developed commands, like qcat, qpeep, that allow for monitoring number-cruncher programs and browse their stdout and stderr. This feature helps saving a lot of CPU time when the submitted jobs are not doing what is expected.
Is there a free-ware implementation of qcat or qpeep  from some websites ?
Thank you in advance.

There is a qpeek tool in pbstools: http://www.nics.tennessee.edu/~troy/pbstools/
It uses ssh to go to the node where the output is being spooled and constructs the expected filename to cat.
You don't need the fancier part of pbstools to make qpeek work.


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