[torqueusers] pbs_sched delays before beginning execution

Tom Rosmond rosmond at reachone.com
Sun Nov 4 12:38:49 MST 2012

I am running Torque 3.0.2 on a 2 NUMA node workstation.  I use pbs_sched
for scheduling because it manages my workload quite satisfactorily
except for one annoying factor.  There is a typically about a 20 second
delay between job submission and job execution beginning, even when
there is nothing else running on the machine.  I see a SCH_SCHEDULE_TIME
parameter in the admin guide.  Is this relevant to this question?  If
so, how and where is it set?  Clearly there is a scheduler time
parameter that sets the frequency of checking for candidate jobs ready
for execution; but I need advice/help on finding it

T. Rosmond

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