[torqueusers] How to access torque via PHP on Linux

Coyle, James J [ITACD] jjc at iastate.edu
Mon Mar 26 09:52:27 MDT 2012

How about using backticks or the shell_exec command in php to  copy the
script over and to issue an interactive qsub which waits for the output.

For example:

$output = shell_exec ( scp script remote_machine:  ; ssh remote_machine "qsub -I -x script"  );

You'll need to setup passwordless ssh for the account you are using on the remote machine, make it
the same non-root account.



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We are developing a website and trying to access the Torque with it. The website is being coded with PHP.
We have a virtual machine running ubuntu and in it torque and PHP is running.
Our objective is to send the same bash commands we do when using Torque by ourselves.

Can anyone help?

Thank you.
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