[torqueusers] #PBS -V in version 2.5.10

Joseph Farran jfarran at uci.edu
Mon Mar 19 16:21:27 MDT 2012


We were using Torque 2.5.9 and we were able to use the Torque PBS directive "#PBS -V" just fine.

On upgrading to Torque 2.5.10, the same scripts which used to work using "#PBS -V" no longer work.

When we submit a job using "#PBS -V", the job starts and nothing happens - no output, no errors, nothing.  The job starts but nothing happens.

Looking at Torque logs /opt/torque/server_logs shows no errors - just the job starting and ending.

If we remove ""#PBS -V" then the job runs just fine.

Anyone else ran into this or knows what is going on?


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