[torqueusers] maui and torque not communicating

DuChene, StevenX A stevenx.a.duchene at intel.com
Mon Mar 19 10:53:04 MDT 2012

Thanks for the offer of a patch. Do the symptoms you see with this match what I reported?
Like I indicated it seems the communication between maui & torque is not completely functional.
According to my maui log files some communication is happening but not anything even close to enough for the whole system to work as intended.
Steven DuChene

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On Mon, Mar 19, 2012 at 9:51 AM, DuChene, StevenX A <stevenx.a.duchene at intel.com<mailto:stevenx.a.duchene at intel.com>> wrote:
RHEL6.1 with latest standard kernel.


We have found a problem with CentOS6 where getaddrinfo returns localhost.localdomain instead of a hostname internally in TORQUE. We currently try to authorize connections using only localhost. I am making a fix for this to 4.0.1. I could send you a patch for the 4.0 code if you want.

Of course I am guessing that is the problem, but you would know with the patch if it is.

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