[torqueusers] Email Notification without #PBS -M

Joseph A. Farran jfarran at uci.edu
Sat Mar 17 11:50:39 MDT 2012


I am using Torque 2.5.10 If I am reading the Torque manual correctly, one can have:

     #PBS -m abe

without the "#PBS -M email at address".    On page 135 of the Torque admin when talking about "#PBS -M"it says:

"If unset, the list defaults to the submitting user at the qsub host, i.e. the job owner."

How can I have "#PBS -m abe" without including "#PBS -M me at mysite"?

I have several pbs examples that our users use and I want an automatic "#PBS -M $USER"

By the way, "#PBS -M <mylogin>" works but not "#PBS -M $USER".


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