[torqueusers] Torque 4.0.0 and cpusets

David Gabriel Simas dsimas at stanford.edu
Thu Mar 15 16:54:21 MDT 2012


I'm playing around with Torque 4.0.0 on Fedora 16 (x86_64), trying
to get cpusets working. The start-up of pbs_mom is failing with the..

    Starting TORQUE Mom: pbs_mom: LOG_ERROR::No such file or directory
    (2) in init_torque_cpuset, (create_cpuset) failed to open /dev/cpuset/cpus

Indeed, /dev/cpuset/cpus doesn't exist on my system. It seems to be
named /dev/cpuset/cpuset.cpus instead. Likewise, /dev/cpuset/mems seems
to be /dev/cpuset/cpuset.mems. That's the case with two kernels
I've tried, and 3.2.9-2. It also seems inconsistent with
the documentation in cpuset(7).

Has anybody else seen this?


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