[torqueusers] Success setting up a new Torque Environment in University

Guilherme Rocha guilherme at gf7.com.br
Tue Mar 6 13:25:20 MST 2012

Hello friends,

I appreciate a lot all of your answers. Also I say that our Torque PBS
cluster is running pretty fine.
All of your tips has been very important.

We are using clustalw-mpi to align sequences with success.

As information only:
I'm sending a small pic to you all, where we are "toasting"  the
processors.  :)
Also the script we are using to start jobs.

Any new idea will very well accepted.


#PBS -l walltime=100:00:00
#PBS -l mem=22000mb
#PBS -l nodes=24:ppn=1
#PBS -j oe
lamboot -v /home/rbz/Documentos/scripts/nodes
mpirun -np 24 clustalw-mpi

best regards,

Guilherme Rocha
GF7 Doc & Systems - Soluções Tecnológicas
Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento - World Wide
R. João Goulart, 170  - Rio Pardo - RS - CEP 96640-000
Mobile:  +55 51 81400360 - Home Page:   http://www.gf7.com.br
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