[torqueusers] How to upgrade 3.x -> 4.x

Dave Ulrick d-ulrick at comcast.net
Thu Jun 28 10:07:06 MDT 2012

On Thu, 28 Jun 2012, Svancara, Randall wrote:

> Hi,
> If I understand your process correctly, everything looks good in theory. 
> I am wondering how the Moab license will react to moving it around to 
> different storage nodes?  I have always done inplace upgrades where I 
> schedule downtime with the users to perform the upgrade and testing. 
> So I will be interested in knowing how this turns out for you.

Good point regarding the Moab license! I suppose I could get around any 
possible issue by running the new TORQUE pbs_server on the same storage 
node but listening on a different port.

Just before I saw your reply I raised the possibility of an in-place 
upgrade with my boss. Technically I can see how an in-place upgrade would 
be much simpler. Since this will be my first upgrade, I can't guarantee 
that I'll get everything done in X hours or even a single day, so I'd need 
to ask for more time. Our cluster is so new that not all users are in the 
habit of using Moab+TORQUE, so perhaps I might be able to convince 
everyone to do without Moab+TORQUE for a few days. I'd expect that future 
upgrades would go more quickly so I could just schedule a few hours on a 
single day for those.

Dave Ulrick
d-ulrick at comcast.net

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