[torqueusers] torque 2.5.11 - Sect 1.1.4 TORQUE as a service

John Keller jwkeller at alaska.edu
Thu Jun 14 15:48:56 MDT 2012

I gather from p. 12 of the Administrator's Guide that TORQUE can be
installed as a service. On the server, on each node, or on all the
above (in my SUSE v 12 cluster).
It looks to me like on the server, suse.pbs_server and suse.pbs_sched
would go into /etc/init.d/. and then be turned on with insserv
commands. And on each compute node, suse.pbs_mom would go into the
same directory, and likewise be turned on by an insserv command.
Is this correct?
John Keller

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