[torqueusers] pbsdsh

Delphine Ramalingom delphine.ramalingom at univ-reunion.fr
Wed Jun 13 00:25:27 MDT 2012


I have installed torque 4.0.0 on a workstation with 32 cores.
I tried to use pbsdsh and want to submit parallel jobs without using mpi.

Is there a documentation that explains how do that ?

I have just create un script for torque  :

#PBS -N pbsdsh
#PBS -l select=1:ppn=8:mem=500mb
#PBS -l walltime=03:00:00
#PBS -q oneday
#PBS -j oe
# Run the other script
/usr/local/bin/pbsdsh -v  $PBS_O_WORKDIR/mypbsdsh

And my program mypbsdsh read some files with a number that correspnds to 

But $PBS_TASKNUM always equals to 2 and only one file is reading. Why ?

I've also this error :
pbsdsh: spawned task 0
pbsdsh: spawn event returned: 0 (1 spawns and 0 obits outstanding)
pbsdsh: sending obit for task 2
pbsdsh: Event poll failed, error TM_ENOTCONNECTED
pbsdsh: reconnected
pbsdsh: sending obit for task 2
pbsdsh: obit event returned: 0 (0 spawns and 1 obits outstanding)
pbsdsh: task 0 exit status 0

Can someone help me, please ?


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