[torqueusers] redirect job output

Dr. Henrik Schulz h.schulz at hzdr.de
Thu Jun 7 00:08:09 MDT 2012

Dear all,

we are using torque 3.0.3 and one of our users has the problem that he wants to redirect the output stream of a parallel job or of an array of jobs not into .o and .e files all the time, but into one single file (containing the output of all mpi processes or all jobs in an array) for some parts of his output. Therefore he redirects the output streams using freopen(), but since he also wants to switch back to .o and .e output files he tries to set back to tty, but here we get an "no such device" error. If we submit an interactive job, tty works.

So, the question is: what character device is used for the output stream of a PBS job?

Thanks a lot in advance!
Henrik Schulz

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