[torqueusers] route_destination seems to be inefficient

Abhishek Gupta abhig at princeton.edu
Wed Jun 6 15:43:25 MDT 2012

Hi All,

I was trying to understand route_destination attribute and as per 
documentation, the ordering of queue matters for queue assignment.
So, if a queue does not have any available resources at that moment but 
resources_max, resources_min, acls etc. attributes match, job will be 
assigned to that queue even if there are more queues in the order which 
has resources available with matching attributes.
I think it should first scan all the queues, see which queues match the 
attributes and then assign jobs the queue as per order to the queue 
having nodes with maximum possible available resources at that moment.
How can I configure my PBS to behave like this?

Abhishek Gupta.
Physics, Princeton University.

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