[torqueusers] qpeek in contrib

Gareth.Williams at csiro.au Gareth.Williams at csiro.au
Tue Jul 31 04:35:31 MDT 2012


We've found a need for a command to look at jobs output before it is finished so tried the qpeek script from OSC in the torque contrib directory.  With a few minor mods it works fine but I want to check a few things (different people may be needed to answer each question):

1) That qpeek is marked: Copyright 2001, Ohio Supercomputer Center
but with no author or licensing info. Since it is clearly in a contrib(uted) section of an open source project I'm assuming that modifying it for local use is fair game - though I'd be cautious about redistributing changes.  Does anyone know better?

2) If I improve that qpeek, who might I contribute the changes back to?

3) Does anyone have an alternative to share?  I see nf.nci.org.au has a qcat which serves a similar purpose with a mixture of more and less functionality (it will also show the script but does not head, tail or follow).

Frankly I'd prefer not to write my own!



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