[torqueusers] Torque/maui priority questions.

André Gemünd andre.gemuend at scai.fraunhofer.de
Tue Jul 31 01:26:02 MDT 2012

I'd suggest to use a combination of standing reservation and preemption in this case. 
The new department is the owner of a standing reservation on the new nodes with FLAGS=OWNERPREEMPT, setting the nodes in the hostlist. These jobs will be preemptor for the jobs of the other departments on these resources. Depending on the type of jobs you use, you can choose suspension, requeuing or checkpointing. Suspension naturally has the problem that the memory will still be allocated by the running process (its just SIGSTOP, as if you'd press ctrl+z on the tty). 


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> Sorry if this is a duplicate email.
> I need some advice/guidence for following configurations:
> Large queue: 20 nodes (unlimited hours)
> normal queue: 4 nodes (2 hrs)
> And a Route queue to sends job to appropriate large/small based on
> resource request
> Now a new department purchased their own compute nodes (8 nodes) and
> like to have 2 queues A (max 4 hours) and B (unlimited walltime)
> They will share these nodes with the rest of the cluster users but
> whenever they run jobs, they want to have the first priority to use
> new 8 nodes (queue A and/or B)
> What I'm thinking now is add a new group for this department and only
> allow people in the group to run in A or B but I think that will
> prevent everyone else from using these nodes when the nodes are
> idle.
> Can anyone provide me a good solution? Thank you much.
> I'm running torque 2.3.6 and maui 3.2.6p21
> Allan
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