[torqueusers] A couple of user based questions...

Jack Wilkinson jwilkinson at stoneeagle.com
Fri Jul 27 09:18:23 MDT 2012

Dear list members,  I hope I'm not mis-asking some questions, but you seem to be pretty much my only resource at this point-in-time.

1)      We have a small batch farm, 1 head box, 4 batch boxes.  Assuming that the head box is running, is there a command that I can issue to find out which of the batch boxes are running?

2)      I did not configure this setup.  The only way I've found to be able to spread four jobs across the four boxes is to specifically request a node by name.  For example:
#PBS -l nodes=1:ppn=1
#PBS -l nodes=vpaybatch01   (and here, for each of the remaining files I do 02, 03, 04)
Is there some way that I can just qsub four jobs and have them each go to the next available batch box?

Thank you!

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