[torqueusers] no C++ outout files

Christopher Samuel samuel at unimelb.edu.au
Thu Jul 26 19:48:55 MDT 2012

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On 24/07/12 18:34, Yotam Avital wrote:

> I'm running some computer simulation on a pbs machine (I'm not sure
> if it's pbs or torque). The programs are supposed to
> generate/overwrite a file every 1000 cycles, something that is
> supposed to happen several times a day. However, no output file is
> generated. This output file is essential for my work. How can I
> generate the file?

Sounds like something to report to your local sysadmins.

My guess is that your code is writing to local disk on the compute
nodes and so you'll need to copy the file back to the submit node at
the end.  *If* that is the case then you'll want to look at the qsub
manual page and the stage_in and stage_out directives.

If you're writing to a network filesystem and nothing is appearing then
something is very wrong and only your local sysadmin can help you..

Best of luck,
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