[torqueusers] osc mpiexec and torque4

Michael Jennings mej at lbl.gov
Wed Jul 25 11:01:16 MDT 2012

On Wednesday, 25 July 2012, at 12:48:54 (-0400),
Doug Johnson wrote:

> Has pbs_connect changed in torque 4?

It has, indeed.  :-)

> From the man page,
>        If the parameter, server, is  either  the  null  string  or  a  null
>        pointer,  a  connection  will  be opened to the default server.  The
>        default server is defined by (a)  the  setting  of  the  environment
>        variable PBS_DEFAULT which contains a destination, or (b) the desti-
>        nation    in    the    batch    administrator    established    file
>        {PBS_DIR}/default_destn.

Ah, okay, sounds like mpiexec is relying on defined behavior that
TORQUE is no longer properly handling.  I wrongly assumed passing NULL
was an error; sorry!  :-]

Comparing the code from the 2.5 branch and the 4.x branch, it looks
like someone was trying to clean up/consolidate some code and
overlooked the NULL/empty string case.

The change I recommended in my previous e-mail should handle this just
fine.  Brock, you may want to open a bug for this against TORQUE 4.


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