[torqueusers] nodes file - basic install problems

Rob Holmes Rob.Holmes at bmtwbm.com.au
Thu Jul 5 22:58:01 MDT 2012


I’m installing a small HPC cluster at work, which I’ve never done before and it’s causing me problems.

My nodes file contains 14 compute nodes named node01, node02, etc.  At the moment I just have four nodes switched on, with the remainder shown as ‘down’ with pbsnodes -a.  When I submit a number of jobs, jobs are submitted to the first two nodes with the remaining two marked as ‘free’, regardless of how many jobs are waiting to be submitted.  Jobs are kept in the queue until either of node01 or node02 come free, then are run.  node03 and node12 (the other two live nodes) never run a job.

However, when I remove node01 for example (by commenting out node01 in the nodes file and restarting pbs_server), jobs will run on node12.  Bizarrely, node03 is then marked as ‘down’ in pbsnodes –a.

This is long but basically I’m getting a lot of odd behavior and I’m not sure where to start debugging.  All live nodes are running pbs_mom.  The system was working as expected with just one compute node.  With more than one it is having problems. I’m running pbs_sched.  Can anyone please help?


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