[torqueusers] Torque4 NUMA

Joerg Blank j.blank at fz-juelich.de
Mon Jan 30 06:18:40 MST 2012


Thanks for your answers.

> You are correct in that you should use the nodes=X syntax. I wonder how
> meaningful your NUMA test can be for a node that has only one cpu and
> one NUMA node, but that is a separate concern. I'm sorry the docs
> haven't been updated yet, I will get that updated ASAP.

I brew a new Debian package for Torque4 and was testing the
installation. I figured I could configure it and see if everything
connects, etc. No performance test were done on this virtual machine ;-)

> I'm surprised you're having trouble getting the mom to connect to the
> server. What are the errors you're getting here?

I figured out that the num_numa_nodes parameter was also renamed.
Is there a way to have non-NUMA nodes in the same cluster?

> This can't have anything to do with the mom.layout file. TORQUE does not
> edit the permissions of these directories, it just attempts to access
> them. What was the error?

I removed --enable-cpuset and --enable-libcpuset from the configure
call. Do I still get process binding?


Jörg Blank

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