[torqueusers] specify job id

Hakeem Almabrazi halmabrazi at idtdna.com
Wed Jan 25 15:18:41 MST 2012

Thank you everyone for helping me with this.

The only reason why I want to do that is to be able to track that job specifically.  I am building a service to submit jobs to Torque.  The same service will have to wait till the job is done and return the results back to the call.  So the service need to know when the job is completed to load back the results.  I thought, the best way is for that service to keep asking the Torque on the status of the submitted job rather than looking up file(s) in the file system.

So the service has to assign a number to the job and then force Torque to use that number.  Now if the service wants to know the status of that job, it can asks the Torque server using the same job number.  It might be over kill way of doing things but that is the requirement.   Now there might be a better way of doing that.  I would love to hear it if someone else has better approach than this.



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Is there a reason you want the jobid to be something specific?
The only thing that I can think of is to use this after the fact to pick up the
output filenames when you have not used -e and -o
(or to keep track of it for issuing later Torque commands like
qdel or qstat. )

This can be done for a jobscript myjob (in sh , ksh  or bash) via:

qsub myjob
JID=`echo ${QSUB_RC} | sed -e 's/\.*$//' `

Then  ${JID}  can be used later.

if you had not use -e and -o to name STDERR and STDOUT filenames, these output should be in


-          Jim

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Is there a way to specify job id when request a job?


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