[torqueusers] building torque-2.5.10 statically

Jan Lindheim lindheim at cacr.caltech.edu
Mon Jan 23 16:43:08 MST 2012

If I configure torque-2.5.10 to build statically, it fails when trying to
create libtorque.a

The reason is two instances of load_config(), one in src/lib/Libifl/torquecfg.c
and one in src/cmds/qsub.c

The two versions of load_config() are almost identical,
one uses the call
  strncat(home_dir, PBS_SERVER_HOME, MAXPATHLEN);
while the other uses
  strcat(home_dir, PBS_SERVER_HOME);

It looks like load_config() can be removed from src/cmds/qsub.c

Jan Lindheim

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