[torqueusers] 2.5.10 Is Released

David Beer dbeer at adaptivecomputing.com
Mon Jan 16 11:34:25 MST 2012


TORQUE 2.5.10 is available for download. It can be found here: http://www.adaptivecomputing.com/resources/downloads/torque/torque-2.5.10.tar.gz


  b - Fixed a problem where pbs_mom will crash of check_pwd returns NULL. This could
      happen for example if LDAP was down and getpwnam returns NULL.
  b - Removed a check for Interactive jobs in qsub and the -l flag. This check
      appeared to be code that was never completed and it prevented the passing
      of resource arguments.
  e - Added code to delete a job on the MOM if a job is in the EXITED substate and
      going through the scan_for_exiting code. This happens when an obit has been
      sent and the obit reply received by the PBS_BATCH_DeleteJob has not been
      received from the server on the MOM. This fix allows the MOM to delete the
      job and free up resources even if the server for some reason does not send
      the delete job request.
  c - fix a crash in the dynamic_string.c code (backported from 3.0.3)
  e - add a mom config option - $ext_pwd_retry - to specify # of retries on
      checking for password validity. (backported from 3.0.3)
  b - TRQ-608: Removed code to check for blocking mode in write_nonblocking_socket().
      Fixes problem with interactive jobs (qsub -I) exiting prematurely.
  c - fix a buffer being overrun with nvidia gpus enabled (backported from 3.0.4)
  b - To fix a problem in 2.5.9 where the job_array structure was modified
      without changing the version or creating an upgrade path. This made
      it incompatible with previous versions of TORQUE 2.5 and 3.0.
      Added new array structure job_array_259. This is the original torque
      2.5.9 job_array structure with the num_purged element added in the middle
      of the structure. job_array_259 was created so users could upgrade from 2.5.9
      and 3.0.3 to later versions of TORQUE. The job_array structure was
      modified by moving the num_purged element to the bottom of the structure.
      pbsd_init now has an upgrade path for job arrays from version 3 to version
      4. However, there is an exceptional case when upgrading from 2.5.9 or 3.0.3
      where pbs_server must be started using a new -u option.
  b - no longer leave zombie processes when munge authenticating. (backported from 3.0.4)
  b - no longer reject procs if it is the second argument to -l (backported from 3.0.4)
  b - when having pbs_mom re-read the config file, old servers were kept, and pbs_mom
      attempted to communicate with those as well. Now they are cleared and only the
      new server(s) are contacted. (backported from 3.0.4)
  b - pbsnodes -l can now search on all valid node states (backported from 3.0.4)
  e - Improvements in munge handling of client connections and authentication.
  b - block SIGCHLD while reading the munge file to avoid false errors (backported from 3.0.4)

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