[torqueusers] Bug fixes for 2.x branch

Michael Robbert mrobbert at mines.edu
Fri Jan 6 10:04:26 MST 2012

Is it true that that all development work has moved to 4.0 leaving users with bugs in 2.x waiting for a production release to be ready?
I've had a problem with pbs_mom's dieing or getting stuck in a loop since before Thanksgiving and have been working the case through our vendor Penguin Computing. They told me just before christmas that they'd contacted Adaptive about the issue and it looked similar to a known bug and that they were working on a fix. When I contacted Penguin after the break they said that they were now being told that the fix will be in 4.0 and we have to wait for that. I find it a little disturbing that support for a product is being dropped before the next production release is ready. I posted my analysis of the problem to this list on December 13 and didn't get any response so maybe that is the case, but I'd like to hear that from the maintainers of the code.

Mike Robbert

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