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all of our nodes (compute nodes and service nodes) are equipped with
IPMI-capable BMCs (Baseboard Management Controller) so that we can control
all aspects of power (including measuring the current power consumption,
turning it on or off, power cycles, etc
) from the batch server just by
using the ipmitools-package.


We have used this for controlling nodes within a torque/maui in the context
of a bachelor project. But our clusters is so busy all the time, that we
could not find a dramatic reduction of the over-all power consumption of the
cluster (including water cooling of the racks).


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What about cycling the power using a PDU?

On Tue, Feb 28, 2012 at 2:43 AM, Daniel Fernando Coimbra
<danielfcoimbra at gmail.com> wrote:

I assume that by "turning off" you mean actually power down the node. I
am just curious on how do you intend to power it up again later.  I
suppose you could use something like WakeUp on Lan, but I never actually
got to test this kind of thing and don't know how it would behave on a
high traffic network (I suppose the network card doesn't keep it's IP
once it's in such state).

On 02/26/2012 08:24 PM, Arka Aloke Bhattacharya wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I am a PhD student at UC Berkeley, and I wanted to add a "turning off
> idle/underutilized servers" feature to our 100 server torque+maui
> deployment. However, I want to implement this feature using only

> existing torque+ maui interfaces and extensions ( i,e _without
> modifying_ the torque or maui source code in any way ).

> My proposed way is to
> 1. monitor the maui queue length , and estimate the number of servers
> I can switch off.
> 2. I would then use "pbsnodes -o <nodename>" command to render a
> certain number of servers offline for scheduling.
> 3. A bash script would turn the servers off.
> The servers would be turned back on (and added to the torque nodes
> list) when the queue length increases beyond a certain threshold.
> I had two questions :
> 1. Is there any existing open source code which already implements the
> "turning off idle servers" functionality in torque ?
> 2. Are there complications that would arise if I implemented the
> "turning-off idle servers" feature in my proposed way ? [ e.g - Is it
> possible that after turning off servers, they would lose some state
> and hence would not get added to the torque <nodes_list> when turned
> back on? Are there long lived TCP connections which need to be
> restarted separately ? , etc ]
> It would be great if anyone could help.
> Thanks a lot,
> Arka.

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