[torqueusers] vmem and pvmem

Chris Samuel samuel at unimelb.edu.au
Sat Feb 25 18:06:35 MST 2012

On Friday 24 February 2012 21:03:12 Gareth.Williams at csiro.au wrote:

> We expect/advise people to only request vmem and set a 
> modest default vmem which forces them to explicitly specify 
> vmem in most cases. The pbs_resources man page describes vmem 
> as an aggregate limit across the whole job.

We *currently* have two queues, one called "smp" for, well, SMP codes 
that automatically get allocated an entire node (our submit filter 
rejects jobs that try and ask for nodes or procs in that queue) and 
the default "batch" queue for MPI and single CPU jobs.

The batch queue has a default pvmem of 1gb and users then request more 
if they need it. This means that because pvmem sets RLIMIT_AS codes 
should get malloc() failing rather than getting killed by pbs_mom.

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