[torqueusers] request memory not followed by scheduler

Ryan Golhar ngsbioinformatics at gmail.com
Wed Feb 15 21:48:28 MST 2012

Hi - I have a a cluster with several nodes where each node has 16 GB of
RAM.  I'm submitting jobs that require 8gb of memory on whatever node they
are running on. The job script contains the directive:

#PBS -l mem=8g

I noticed that the second directive doesn't effect the way torque
distributes jobs.  For instance, if all the nodes in my cluster are taken
up, except for 1 node that is free.  I can run the job 4 times and instead
of seeing 2 jobs running and 2 waiting in the queue, all 4 jobs get
executed on that free node.  How do I get torque to taken the memory
requested into account?

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