[torqueusers] queue to node mapping is wrong when use '-l procs' option

R. David david at unistra.fr
Tue Feb 7 14:27:29 MST 2012

Le 7 févr. 2012 à 10:33, Xiangqian Wang a écrit :

> I failed to test queue to node mapping feature of torque/maui system, I use torque 2.5.8 and maui 3.2.6p21. the simple job script contains a procs option: 
> #!/bin/sh
> #PBS -N simple-job
> #PBS -l procs=3
> #PBS -q fluent
> #PBS -d /opt/share/job
> date
> sleep 30
> date
> The 'fluent' queue is mapped to a node 'cnode01' with 4 processors, the setting is shown below:


> The job should use a single node 'cnode01' , while the allocated node contains another node. see part of 'qstat -f' output:
>     exec_host = snode01/1+snode01/0+cnode01/0
>     ...
>     Resource_List.neednodes = cnode01
>     Resource_List.procs = 3
> Can anyone give me some suggestion, it'll be greatly appreciated.

You should probably use the -l nodes=XX rather than procs=XX

Depending on how you configured maui, you will have to write nodes=XX:ppn=YY or just nodes=XX

	R. David

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