[torqueusers] multiple jobs: yes, no, maybe

Jack Wilkinson jwilkinson at stoneeagle.com
Thu Dec 20 16:02:53 MST 2012

We have a -small- cluster configured.  Four dedicated nodes and one node that shares the function of the headbox.

I had a user ask a question today that I wasn't sure how to answer.  In our current configuration, if we, for example, drop 12 jobs into the queue, the systems run the first five, as a node becomes available, the next job in the queue starts running until all 12 jobs have been run.  There is only one job on any one node at a time.

The user wanted to know if it was possible to have more than one job running on a node at a time?  I honestly didn't have an answer for him.

My feeling is that the whole purpose of the cluster is to give the power of a whole node to process a job and not have to share it.

Might I get some input from the crowd??

Happy holidays to all!

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