[torqueusers] checkpoints and walltime

Charles Henry chenry at ittc.ku.edu
Mon Dec 3 16:05:41 MST 2012

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> Subject: [torqueusers] checkpoints and walltime
> All,
> I am seeing something odd.
> If someone request enough walltime to land in my short queue rather
> than my tiny queue (default), /etc/profile is not sourced.
> The setting that seems to make a difference is checkpoint_defaults.
> If that is enabled, various env variables are not set (HOSTNAME in
> particular)
> If it is disabled, everything seems to be set as expected.
> Is there something about checkpointing that affects environment
> settings that I am missing?

Ah-ha!  Now, that makes sense.  
I observed the same problem on our system (just now--I had not previously tested that checkpoint defaults were related to my non-login shell issue).  I had previously seen that cluster jobs would not run in a "login shell", except when running them interactively.  You can read my correspondence with (the very helpful) torque-dev list here:

That helps a lot to narrow it down perhaps.  I will re-file my bug report with the updated symptom:


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