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André Gemünd andre.gemuend at scai.fraunhofer.de
Mon Aug 20 23:55:46 MDT 2012

If you use Maui, you have a lot of powerful tools to deal with that. 

The easiest way would be to specify MINRESOURCE node allocation, which 
puts the jobs on the nodes with the least resources that still meet 
the jobs constraints. That should automatically put all "normal" jobs 
on the small nodes.
Then you can add priorization with node features / classes / groups, etc. 
I'd also prioritize the jobs with requirements globally, and use the other
ones to backfill. 


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> Hi all:
> I've recently updated my cluster and added some more nodes.  I now
> have three categories of nodes:
> 24 8-core intel nodes (features: intel)
> 6 16-core AMD nodes with infiniband (features: amd,infiniband)
> 4 64-core AMD nodes (features: amd, smp)
> Some of my users don't submit a feature request and don't much care
> where they get dumped; some users do supply the feature set.
> I would like the priority of non-featured jobs that can go anywhere
> to
> be in the order above.  However, right now, they all go to my most
> limited node type: the 64 core nodes.
> How do I change the order when "its all the same" to the scheduler?
> Thanks!
> --Jim
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