[torqueusers] openmpi, pbsdsh, and iptables

David Chin chindw at wfu.edu
Fri Apr 27 13:09:01 MDT 2012

I am having some trouble getting openmpi-1.5.5 working with Torque
integration, and I have narrowed down the issue to firewall rules.

However, I am not sure which ports to open up.

I compiled openmpi-1.5.5 on RHEL6 against the libtorque that
EPEL provides -- version 2.5.7-9.el6. I found that openmpi jobs
cannot communicate between nodes if iptables is running. I have
also found, by starting an interactive job, that pbsdsh cannot
connect to other nodes allocated for the job. Once I turn the
firewall off on compute nodes openmpi jobs run fine.

Our firewall rules *do* allow inter-node ssh, and I have verified
that this is so.

What port range can I open to allow pbsdsh to work?

Thanks in advance,

David Chin, Ph.D.
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