[torqueusers] can user limit max jobs running

Al Taufer ataufer at adaptivecomputing.com
Wed Apr 18 09:26:58 MDT 2012

It sounds like slot limits on a job array would do what you want. The
man page for qsub says

An optional slot limit can be specified to limit the amount  of jobs
that  can  run concurrently in the job array. The default value is
unlimited. The slot limit must be the last thing specified in the
array_request and is delimited from the array by a percent sign (%).

qsub script.sh -t 0-299%5

This sets the slot limit to 5. Only 5 jobs from this array can run at
the same time.

On Wed, Apr 18, 2012 at 8:22 AM, Ashish Agarwal <agarwal1975 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I've read some posts about how an admin can limit the maximum number of jobs
> a user can run. But I'd like to know if a user can him/herself limit the
> number of jobs *running*, ideally jobs within the same job array.
> The use case is that I would like to submit 500 I/O intensive jobs. Each job
> only requires a single core, so potentially all jobs could start running on
> our cluster overloading the storage system. Thus, I'd like to say "amongst
> all 500 jobs in this job array, run at most 20 at a time". Is that possible?
> Thank you.
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