[torqueusers] can user limit max jobs running

Sreedhar Manchu sm4082 at nyu.edu
Wed Apr 18 08:52:41 MDT 2012

Hi Ashish,

I don't know whether user can do this by issuing one simple command. Easiest way would be to make second set of 20 jobs depend on first 20. So at any time there would be only 20 jobs running. You can write a simple script to achieve this. If you want I can show you how to do it. Anyway check our qsub tutorial for dependancy and other stuff like getting job numbers into variables so that you can use them in scripts. 


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On Apr 18, 2012, at 10:22, Ashish Agarwal <agarwal1975 at gmail.com> wrote:

> I've read some posts about how an admin can limit the maximum number of jobs a user can run. But I'd like to know if a user can him/herself limit the number of jobs *running*, ideally jobs within the same job array.
> The use case is that I would like to submit 500 I/O intensive jobs. Each job only requires a single core, so potentially all jobs could start running on our cluster overloading the storage system. Thus, I'd like to say "amongst all 500 jobs in this job array, run at most 20 at a time". Is that possible?
> Thank you.
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