[torqueusers] init script not stopping pbs_server process with 4.0-fixes

Stephen Fralich sjf4 at uw.edu
Mon Apr 16 14:24:07 MDT 2012

I've also observed that -TERM does not actually cause pbs_server to shutdown in v4.0. It reports receiving the signal in the log, but does not actually ever shut down. I waited 10 minutes and it still had not shut down. I killed it with -9, but unfortunately when I started it back up it no longer knew about any of the queues and removed all the jobs.


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Subject: [torqueusers] init script not stopping pbs_server process with 4.0-fixes

I have noticed on our development cluster where I am running the 4.0-fixes torque rpms that in order to actually get the pbs_server process to stop running that I have to actually do a kill -9 on the PID from the command line since the /etc/init.d/pbs_server script does not work when issuing a stop using the script. If I run the pbs_server init script on my system running torque 2.5.7 the script does work and kills the process but with the 4.0-fixes code I am running on a test cluster this does not work.

In fact the two scripts are slightly different. In the 2.5.7 version the killproc line in the init script reads:

    killproc pbs_server

in the init script installed with the 4.0-fixes rpms the same line reads:

    killproc pbs_server –TERM

In reading through the /etc/init.d/functions file and looking at other init scripts on the system this –TERM should be sending the -9 signal to the process but as I said this does not seem to be working.
Steven DuChene
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