[torqueusers] nodes file persistent gpus setting

Gareth.Williams at csiro.au Gareth.Williams at csiro.au
Sun Apr 1 19:36:12 MDT 2012


Can anyone confirm the following behavior (bug)?

If you give a node gpus like so:
 qmgr -c 'set node gpunode01 gpus = 2'
or in the nodes file
  gpunode01 np=12 gpus=2
Then the node has (logical) gpus defined and they can be scheduled as in:
(though 1.5.3 doesn't mention specifying both np= and gpus= which I suspect needs fixing).

This setup works fine for us until we restart the pbs_server at which time the gpus disappear (you can see this in the output of pbsnodes). The nodes file gets altered to remove the gpus= setting.

Note that we are using version 3.0.3-snap.xxx and NOT the integrated nvidia gpu support.

Does anyone else see the behavior?  You don't need physical gpus to test, just a system you are prepared to mess with a little including restarting the pbs_server.



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