[torqueusers] Missing E entries

Pablo Fernandez pablo.fernandez at cscs.ch
Wed Sep 21 08:23:30 MDT 2011

Dear all,

I have just realized that, in our server_priv/accounting files there are Exit 
entries missing (those with ;E;). This seems to happen when you have Delete 
entries only (those with ;D;), but not the other way around. I mean:
- All ;E; missing entries have a corresponding ;D; entry
- Not all ;D; entries have a corresponding ;E; entry.

I thought that, whenever there is a ;D; entry, there should also be a ;E; 
entry... but aparently that's not always the case. This is indeed quite bad 
for us, because most accounting is done parsing ;E; entries.

Does any of you know why could this be? We're running 2.4.16, but this 
happened at least also with 2.4.13.

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