[torqueusers] qpeek on array job : Workarounds

Coyle, James J [ITACD] jjc at iastate.edu
Fri Sep 16 09:32:18 MDT 2011

  If you are the cluster admin, you could try setting 
adding the line

$spool_as_final_name true

to all your MOM comfigs and restart, then you can just 
monitor the output in the -o and -e output files.

  You can always use qstat -n  to see which node is the 
first node in the list that the job is running on, and 
login to that node and look at the appropriate file in 


It will be of the form


and should be owned by your username.

This is all that qpeek does.

  Once you figure out what is happening, you could look 
at qpeek and modify it to handle job arrays,
and contribute the new script as a possible replacement.

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>Subject: [torqueusers] qpeek on array job
>I am trying to use qpeek to monitor an array job, but I can't figure
>how to do it. Could anybody advise?
>qsub -t 1-10 someScript.sub
>something like:
>689903[].head started
>How can I use qpeek?
>The following does not work:
>rkrug at head002:~> qpeek 689903[1]
>qstat: Unknown Job Id 689903[1].head002.sun.ac.za
>Job 689903[1] is not running!
>rkrug at head002:~> qpeek 689903
>qstat: Unknown Job Id 689903.head002.sun.ac.za
>Job 689903 is not running!
>rkrug at head002:~> qpeek 689903-1
>qstat: illegally formed job identifier: 689903-1
>Job 689903-1 is not running!
>rkrug at head002:~> qpeek 689903[]
>cat: /var/spool/torque/spool/689903[].head002.sun.ac.za.OU: No such
>or directory
>rkrug at head002:~>
>Any ideas welcome,
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