[torqueusers] Batch not running : Things to check

Coyle, James J [ITACD] jjc at iastate.edu
Wed Sep 14 09:59:56 MDT 2011


  Welcome to Torque. I switched from NQS some time ago, and Torque/PBS has been a good replacement for me.
Things to check:
  What does the error output say? ( Probably in file dn_test.txt.e[0-9]* )
  Permissions on  /home/zarnocda/torque/scripts_test/dn_test.sh , is it executable?
You may need:    chmod u+x /home/zarnocda/torque/scripts_test/dn_test.sh
  I'd also check if /home/zarnocda/torque/scripts_test/dn_test.sh
even exists on the compute node.
e.g.  ls /home/zarnocda/torque/scripts_test/dn_test.sh  executable

  I usually use the interactive opion ( qsub -I ) to debug these kinds of problems.
You could issue:
qsub -V -I  -l nodes=1 -q dn
which will start an interactive jobs and log you into the mother superior node for that job
where you can then try issuing the commands within your job that is not working.

James Coyle, PhD
High Performance Computing Group
 Iowa State Univ.
web: http://jjc.public.iastate.edu/<http://www.public.iastate.edu/~jjc>

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Hello folks,
New to Torque, used to run NQS....
Concerning Torque...
I have a small script:
$ more dn_test.sh
export PATH
DATE=`date +%H%M`
echo "Hello"
touch /tmp/dn_test_${DATE}
sleep 90

When I submit the script:

qsub -V -l nodes=1 -q dn dn_test.sh

It runs fine.

But I need to run batch...

I created a text file "dn_test.txt"

That contains:


When I run:

qsub -V -l nodes=1 -q dn dn_test.txt

It appears to process the file:
qstat -s
Job id                    Name             User            Time Use S Queue
------------------------- ---------------- --------------- -------- - -----
7592.usphl1ora002.amer    dn_test.txt      zarnocda               0 R dn

But it doesn't excute the script within:

Any help!


Dave Zarnoch
UNIX Systems Administration
Dave.Zarnoch at sykes.com

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