[torqueusers] Torque rpm build headaches

Trutwin, Joshua JTRUTWIN at CSBSJU.EDU
Tue Sep 13 08:48:59 MDT 2011

> > Hi - I just setup torque for a single compute node (currently).  I'm
> > having some trouble with the make rpm command passing all my
> configure
> > params to the rpmbuild.
> Its goal is not to pass *all* your configure parameters to the rpmbuild
> process because doing so does not make sense.  At present, it only passes
> those arguments for which the spec file has conditional build support or
> macro variables in it.  This includes things like DRMAA, SCP, syslog, PAM,
> and (as you saw) the server name and path.
> RPP is not currently supported, but I hope to add support for more
> conditionals as time progresses.
> That said, since I don't use a lot of the conditionals torque supports, I can't
> test many of them.  Thus, community contributions in the way of patches
> are most appreciated.  :-)

Thanks for the info, I can maybe help out a bit here.

> > The --with-default-server was passed but not the --disable-rpp or
> > --prefix=/opt/torque-2.5.8.  And --disable-gui is passed in even
> > though it's enabled when running the ./configure on it's own.
> Unfortunately "gui" is not one of those yet supported by "make rpm"
> and is disabled by default in the spec, which explains the behavior you saw.
> You're right; this does need to be fixed.

Well it works with the --with gui on RPMOPTS, could maybe just add a note to the install doc? 

> > I can get around these by running:
> >
> > make RPMOPTS="--with gui --without rpp" rpm
> >
> > I can't seem to change the prefix this way though, so what I do here is
> open torque.spec and add this line:
> >
> > %define _prefix /opt/torque-2.5.8
> >
> > Which gets wiped out if I reconfigure.
> Did you try:
> make RPMOPTS="--with gui --without rpp --define '_prefix /opt/torque-
> 2.5.8'" rpm

Doh, didn't think of that simple solution.  Shows how often I use RPMOPTS...

> > Unfortunately with this though now it's picking a nonexistent sendmail
> > so I added -with-sendmail=/usr/sbin/sendmail to configure the sendmail
> > path but it still uses /opt/torque-2.5.8/sbin/sendmail so I have to
> > add a symlink here after installing the rpms...
> This, too, can be specified in RPMOPTS as "--define 'sendmail_path
> /usr/sbin/sendmail'"

Combined with the above do you have two --defines like so?

--define '_prefix /opt/torque-2.5.8' --define 'sendmail_path /usr/sbin/sendmail'

This seems to work...

> > Can this be simplified at all so it works like it says it should from
> > the INSTALL doc please:
> >
> >   TORQUE has built-in support for making RPMs. After running
> >   ./configure with all desired options, 'make rpm' should create a
> >   set of binary RPMs that match your configuration.
> >
> > I take "match your configuration" to mean that it'll keep all my
> > original ./configure options.
> Certain things are not currently supported because I am unable to test or
> haven't had time to support them all.  Some are legitimate bugs.
> And some things aren't supported because they aren't standard practice
> and/or are generally unwise.  Replicating the GNU configure prefix (default
> /usr/local) to the RPM prefix (default determined by build host RPM
> configuration, usually /usr) by default is one of those things that falls into
> the latter category and should only be done explicitly and with sufficient
> care and forethought.  :-)
> It should NEVER keep "all original ./configure options" because this would
> create unmaintainable messes (as has been seen previously).  But hopefully
> over time the RPMOPTS mechanism can become more featureful to allow
> greater site-specific customizations of built packages without the previous
> problems with information leakage.

I guess maybe I could write a patch against the INSTALL doc to be more explicit about what options are not supported and also show the example you had with overriding the prefix/sendmail path.  

Thanks for your help!


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