[torqueusers] Torque rpm build headaches

Trutwin, Joshua JTRUTWIN at CSBSJU.EDU
Tue Sep 13 08:41:02 MDT 2011

> --disable-rpp doesn't really do much of anything (should only affect momctl
> in 2.5.8 -- possibly negatively), and really isn't advised anymore.  Here is the
> default "Garrick Staples" response circa 2006

Ok I will remove it from my build.  Thanks, this is why I join ML's, to get the real dirt.  :)

> Garrick Staples wrote many times:
> >Not in my opinion.  The --disable-rpp option only effects Resource
> >Monitor requests (as when using momctl).  Back in the OpenPBS days this
> >was more important because schedulers like maui had to issue RM
> >requests to every node.  These days pbs_server is already providing
> >that information directly to schedulers.
> >
> >Without RPP, momctl must allocate a new socket and bind to a
> >priviledged port to talk to a MOM.  When you talk to many MOMs quickly,
> >you can easily run out of priviledged ports to TIME_WAIT.
> >
> >With RPP, momctl works with one socket on one priviledged port.
> now I believe that the Adaptive Computing developers are working on
> removing the last vestiges of RPP from TORQUE.

I initially enabled it as I thought it would help make firewalling torque easier forcing only TCP traffic.  My clients are in a different zone than my head/compute node, but I think I'll still only need to firewall TCP 15001-4 from clients to head node.  Does Torque use UDP at all?



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