[torqueusers] Maui ignores resource -l proc

Matthias Meinke m.meinke at aia.rwth-aachen.de
Fri Sep 9 05:45:26 MDT 2011


I am pretty new to  torque and maui, so I hope this is not a dumb question:
We are running a cluster with arounf 60 nodes and 400 cores . I have set up 
torque-3.0.2  with maui-3.3.1 for a cluster with 3 queues.

Some users would like to specify the number of cores with the -l procs= 
directive, since they do not care how many cores they get on the individual 
nodes. When such a job with a specification of -l procs is submitted, I 
observe the following behaviour with maui, e.g.:

qsub -I -l procs=32

output from tracejob -v

Resource_List.neednodes=2:ppn=8 Resource_List.nodect=2 

Allocated are 2 nodes with 8 cores each = 16 procs

where the number for  Resource_List.neednodes=2:ppn=8 is taken from 


which I have defined in the torque queue. When I change that value for 
resources_default.nodes maui just uses that value for the node and core 
allocation, so it seems that -l procs is completely ignored and instead maui 
uses the default resources defined for the queue.

If I am using pbs_sched instead of maui there is no such problem and the 
correct number of cores are allocated to the job when specifying -l procs=32.

The maui config file is just the standard file coming from the distribution 
with very little changes such as:

SERVERHOST            aia256

I am grateful for any help...



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